Jogging Keeps You Young and Significantly Increases Your Life Span, Say Experts

Jogging Keeps You Young and Significantly Increases Your Life Span, Say Experts

From blessing you with better bone health and balance to its ability to magically add years to your life, running is a clear winner in older age.

A lot of people walk for exercise as they age, and it can be a great habit to have. Walking regularly can help to regulate your weight, strengthen your bones, improve your mood, assist with your balance and coordination, and prevent or manage conditions like heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

Research has shown though, that if you take up running or jogging, the list includes these goodies and exceeds them.

A study done by researchers at Humboldt State University has shown that running literally stalls the aging process. The study examined adults over the age of 65, some of whom simply walked for exercise and others who ran.

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It was found that those individuals who run for exercise, for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, are considerably less likely to experience age-related problems with their walking, when compared with older individuals who simply walk for exercise.

In fact, the walking efficiency of older runners was actually found to be on-par with that of someone in their 20s.

Add to this the fact that running regularly has been found to add about 6 years to your life span, and it all makes a good argument for going out and buying some new track pants.

There IS a trick to it, though. Run in moderation, experts say. Running is being compared to drinking alcohol, wherein moderate runners fare better than both non-runners and heavy runners, overall.

In essence, you want to work your body and feel breathless while you exercise, but not exhausted.

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