Jesse Jackson Has Parkinson’s Disease

Jesse Jackson Has Parkinson’s Disease

The famous civil rights leader has recently been diagnosed, and is facing a new stage in life.

In a written statement, Rev. Jesse Jackson says he and his family started noticing differences in his health about 3 years ago. A battery of tests completed by doctors resulted in the diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease for the 76 year-old civil rights activist and two-time Democratic presidential candidate.

Jackson said in his statement, “I am far from alone,” adding “I want to thank my family and friends who continue to care for me and support me. I will need your prayers and graceful understanding as I undertake this new challenge.”

Parkinson’s is most known for its ability to cause tremors and shaking in patients, and is a disease that gets progressively worse over time. It’s a neurological disorder with no known cure.

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Jackson’s father also battled with the illness in the latter years of his life, and as Jackson wrote in a statement, his recognition of the effects of this disease on himself has been painful.

Just as with other neurological disorders, researchers have been working on what causes them, with little results so far. In addition to tremors, Parkinson’s can cause stiffness and make it difficult to balance, walk and stay coordinated.

In its later stages it can cause difficulties with thinking, resulting in dementia. It can also cause extreme fatigue, pain and a loss of the sense of smell. To read on more Jesse Jackson, click here.

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