How Owning a Dog Could be Saving Your Life

How Owning a Dog Could be Saving Your Life

Live alone with Sparky? You’re doing yourself a favor both physically and emotionally.

Feel like dogs really are a man or woman’s best friend? If you live alone and have a loyal canine, they could be a great companion and more. At least when it comes to your health.

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden have found that having a pet dog can lower your risk of dying from cardio vascular disease by up to 36%, for those who live alone.

If you live with family or friends, having a dog doesn’t have such a dramatic affect on your health but it still leaves a mark. Multi-person households with a dog die from heart disease at a rate that’s 15% lower than normal.

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Why the difference between dog-owners and non-dog-owners? Those who conducted the study aren’t exactly sure, but there are some guesses. The negative effects of loneliness-which is known to take a terrible toll on our physical health- could be negated by living with a dog.

Dog owners, especially of breeds bred for hunting, also need to make sure their pet gets plenty of exercise, which could be keeping the owners in good shape, as well.

And lastly, professionals feel that a dog can expose owners to various microbes that can result in a healthier immune system overall for dog-owners. It’s a winning situation.

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