4 Ways to Treat Your Insomnia Online

4 Ways to Treat Your Insomnia Online

Insomnia can feel impossible to fix, but now there’s new hope: it’s cheap, accessible and sitting on your computer.

If you find yourself up late at night and thinking of taking in a movie at 3am or maybe considering it a good idea to start re-writing that long lost manuscript for a fantasy novel that you started back in high school, read on. This post’s for you.

Insomnia strikes roughly 60 million Americans each year. It can make it hard to focus on tasks and it takes its toll.

Experts say that not sleeping enough is a significant contributor to bad health and even an early death.

Scary stuff.

Sleeping Pills


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Many people who suffer from problems getting proper rest turn to sleeping pills for help.

But they’re not an ideal solution. The pills can be addictive, cause memory and attention problems, and furthermore, physical side effects. In extreme cases, they can even cause a fatal overdose, depending on the type.

And so, alternative therapies are welcome. Patients are now turning to the Internet for help. It’s easy, accessible, low cost and also often effective.

How does it work?


Much of the therapy used to treat insomnia that’s available online relies on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as its backbone.


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Experts get you to analyze your thoughts and behaviors and how these connect (or disconnect) you with sleep.

The therapy targets your mind, your lifestyle and your environment. Is your bedroom too messy? Is it cold? Do you drink too much coffee late in the afternoon, or exercise too late?

Often looking at these simple things and making adjustments can get you on a better path to sleeping.

But, of course, not every therapy will work for everyone. It’s always good to talk to your doctor if you have trouble sleeping, and before beginning any therapy program.


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If you do decide to try online therapy, it’s also advised that you do some research on your therapist. To find out if they are actually who they claim to be, find a LinkedIn profile, books, articles and real testimonials from prior patients, to see that you’re on the right route.

Some services such as Joyable and 7 Cups of Tea don’t have actual therapists on their site, but coaches or ‘trained listeners’, so what you get might be different from what you expect. That being said, it might be perfect for you.

Here are 4 sources with licensed therapists available to treat your insomnia online:

1) CBT for Insomnia


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia is a site developed by Dr. Gregg D. Jacobs, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

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It uses cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) as treatment and boasts of improving sleep in 70-80% of its patients. It’s for both people who are and aren’t currently using sleeping pills, and it costs a mere $45. The course spans 5 weeks and gives patients 5 weekly sessions.

The program has been recommended by The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, Psychology Today, and is a selected resource by Harvard Women’s Health Watch.

2) myShut i


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MyShut i (Sleep Health Using the Internet) is a site provided by BeHealth Solutions. It relies on CBT-I to treat patients with trouble sleeping and is referenced as the “best-studied program” by Harvard Health.

It’s more expensive than CBT for Insomnia (above) and costs $135 USD for 16 weeks of access, or $156 for 20 weeks of access with a Clinical Access Coupon from your doctor.

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Professionals available to treat patients include Dr. Charles Morin, a psychology professor from Canada, Dr. Frances Thorndike of the University of Virginia, and Dr. Lee Ritterbrand, also of UVA.

3) Sleepio

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This online therapy service based out of the UK has sleep experts from the University of Oxford on hand to offer help. It uses CBT- I to focus on how your lifestyle, thoughts and schedule affect your sleep. It asks you to do things like keep a sleep diary, in order to take note of patterns in your life that may be affecting your sleep, among other approaches.

4) Online Therapy.com


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Online Therapy.com is a general therapy site that offers treatment for an assortment of conditions. Insomnia is one of those. The whole site is based on offering CBT therapy, and it includes an online forum where you can contact others in a similar situation and chat anonymously.

Online therapy isn’t for everybody, but hopefully you can find a source to help your problem, and finally stop counting sheep.

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