How More Garlic = More Sex

How More Garlic = More Sex

Garlic: your grandma loves it, Dracula hates it and while delicious, it’s a pain to chop. But it has some definite benefits.

Especially when it comes to sex. In fact, it could be one of the very best foods to eat for a fuller life of romance. Here’s how.

It’s all about allicin- this is the key magic ingredient. Allicin is that part of garlic that simply helps stimulate blood flow in your body. While it brings more blood to your biceps and triceps, it also drives more of your life force to all areas of your frame, including those most private parts.


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What about the smell? Not to worry. Sure, a strong whiff of garlic right before you kiss could be a turn off, but it’s not all bad.

In fact, according to, smelling like garlic might actually work in your favor. Some women prefer the smell of a partner who’s eaten a bunch of garlic over one who hasn’t.

The site references a study done in Prague in which women rated the smell of their male partners. Those men who ate garlic smelled less intense and more pleasant if they ate garlic, according to the women.

It could be because the body odor of a garlic hound is filled with smells that convey signs of reduced hypertension and improved cholesterol, making mates more attractive.


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It’s just an added bonus that garlic may help fight off cancer, and has strong antioxidant powers.

So, will it be one clove or two? How about four, please. There’s all the time in the world for garlicky goodness.

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