6 Reasons to Sleep in On Saturdays

6 Reasons to Sleep in On Saturdays

Sleeping in is one of the best things about the weekend. Or any day of the week, for that matter, if you have the chance to get some extra shut-eye.

Here’s why you should do it more often:

1) Sleep is Good for Your Skin


You need your rest to get your true beauty sleep. Rest allows the body to rejuvenate itself, allowing the true you to shine through.

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2) Laundry Time: Your Brain Washes Itself When You Sleep


When you sleep, your brain washes itself of toxins– something it doesn’t do so well when you’re still awake. You truly need your sleep to clear your mind.

3) You Need Sleep For a Good Memory


Getting enough sleep signals changes in the brain that can improve your memory.

4) It Helps You Live Longer


Having regular solid sleep patterns can help you live longer. A study published here shows that proper sleep can be one of the keys to longevity.

5) It Helps Prevent Disease


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting enough sleep is essential for good health. This makes sense as not getting enough rest can increase inflammation in the body.

 6) It Can Increase Your Creativity


It can be difficult to come up with that unique idea at the end of a long day, but sleep on it, and you’re likely to think of something. That’s because sleep can increase your creativity, allowing your brain to go further in its thoughts.

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