If You’re Over 50, Here’s How Frequent Sex Can Improve Your Thinking

If You’re Over 50, Here’s How Frequent Sex Can Improve Your Thinking

Need another reason to have some fun under the sheets? Here’s a good one.

Researchers from the universities of Coventry and Oxford in England have found that having sex frequently can make you smarter, if you’re over 50 (and maybe younger, who knows).

Here’s the deal: it won’t improve your attention span, memory or language abilities. Sorry, but no gain there.

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Having sex frequently as an older adult will do this though: it will improve your verbal fluency and your visuospatial abilities. So, your skills at perceiving objects around you and the spaces between them will increase, as well as your ability to speak clearly. (Tennis, anyone?)

The study was published in The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences and it focused on 73 people aged between the ages of 50 and 83.

Participants engage in a variety of tests during the work. Some were standardized and focused on a specific skill, while other challenges leaned more towards higher cognitive thinking, and seeing how intercourse affected this area.

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Why does sex have the effect it does? Academics aren’t entirely sure. It likely has something to do with biological elements like dopamine and oxytocin and how they affect your brain’s ability to think.

More work needs to be done, though to know for certain. For the time being, you can get your groove on and rest assured that the benefits are both obvious…and a bit more mysterious. A little bit like love!

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