3 Best Sex Positions for Older Adults

3 Best Sex Positions for Older Adults

Get on your side in a chair or side-by-side if you’re trying to limit putting weight on your joints in bed.

Having sex in your later years can be great. It can also be painful if you have a bad back or knee problems, hip difficulties or some other medical condition that interferes with your pleasure.

There is no cure-all position. Nothing is perfect-but some situations could be more comfortable than others.

Here are 3 sex positions recommended by experts, for older adults:

1) In a Chair

Sitting in a chair for sex, like the other positions in this list, is something partners younger and older can enjoy. For the senior set it’s particularly enticing, as it can take a load off a woman’s back.

Here’s how it’s done: a female partner sits against the back of the chair, while her partner pleases her from the front. It’s important that the sitter be able to place her feet firmly on the floor, in order to transfer her weight.

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2) Spooning

Experts writing for the Huffington Post recommend spooning for older adults. The male cuddles the female from behind, while both are lying down. The woman can press back into her partner, allowing him to penetrate her from behind like doggie-style. Alternatively, she can lift a leg and be entered from an angle.
If you can make it work, the beauty of this position is that neither partner has weight coming down on their knees or back. Everyone can relax and enjoy.

3) Mutual Masturbation and Oral Sex

If contorting yourself into any kind of coupled position is asking too much, there’s always mutual masturbation. If you like, use your words and give your partner a play-by-play of how it feels. Watch each other.

Oral sex is also an enticing option. It can be perfect for those couples where one person finds it hard to move around, but still wishes to partake. Talk about it, be creative.

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