These 5 Foods Combat Dry Skin

These 5 Foods Combat Dry Skin

You’ve tried all the lotions and hydrating makeups. You’ve even braved that super-hydrating face serum. But for some reason, you just can’t shake off that cracked, flakey dry skin.

It isn’t just about what you put on your skin, it’s what you put under it. Or rather, what you put inside you. Or rather, what you’re eating.

No, we don’t mean food-based dry skin miracles like a DIY pumpkin or avocado face mask. We mean adding select foods that help moisturize and replenish your skin from the inside out. Check out the video to see which 5 foods can help the uncomfortable condition!

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Olive oil: The plant-based oil helps your skin retain water, thereby making it soft and supple.

Watermelon: The lycopene that gives this sweet snack its pink-red colour also helps shrug off UV damage; damage from the sun is known to cause wrinkles and dryness to the skin.

Avocado: The trendy fruit is full of oleic acid, a fatty material that helps skin retain moisture and plumpness.

Salmon: Its high level of omega-3 fatty acids help boost hydration, and prevent acne. Plus, it assists in protecting the skin from the aforementioned drying effects of the sun’s rays.

Strawberries: Loaded with vitamin C (each serving has more than a grapefruit or orange!), they help prevent wrinkles and age-related skin dryness.

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