How to Have Healthy Nails

How to Have Healthy Nails

Vitamins, minerals and some loving care can all make a substantial difference.

Do you have the nails of a model?

Long, thin fingers, scar-free skin and beautiful, stunning nails- you know the type.

If not, you may feel like you have to fight for it. Brittle nails can be treated with beauty solutions and tips abound for treating them. Sometimes though, the answer lies in targeting problems from the inside, out.

Fingernails can have a number of conditions you may wish to treat.

White spots on your nails can be caused by a lack of vitamin D in your diet. They can also arise from a minor injury, such as knocking your finger on something.

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Nail fungus can cause white and yellow discoloration. It can cause your nails to grow thicker and crumble at the edges.

To treat this, the Mayo Clinic recommends washing your hands and feet regularly, and ensuring that your nail clippers are cleaned after each use. Wear footwear that can breathe and get rid of shoes and socks that could be infected.

Be selective in choosing a nail salon to make sure it sterilizes its tools after each customer and forego using nail polish and artificial nails, as they can inhibit the nail’s health.

If you suffer from a condition such as psoriasis and you feel like it is affecting your nails, talk to your doctor about possible treatments.

Remember, often the best way to treat your nails is through eating a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits, and to wait until your nails grow out to see the benefits of your hard work. A solid routine and patience, are both key to nail success.

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