Here’s How Eating a Low Calorie Diet Keeps You Younger

Eating less is like meeting the fountain of youth: it allows your body to recalculate its rhythms and get back on track.

From facelifts to supplements and new diets, there’s always something out there to make us feel younger.

Some of the tricks aren’t so complicated, though, when it gets right down to it. Not only is this latest one easy to implement but it’s free. In fact, it might actually save you some.

A study involving mice and calorie restriction shows that eating less can keep your body ticking for longer. It all comes down to a microscopic level, and the way that our cells age over time.

As we grow older, our cells process energy less and less efficiently. This is because they work under strict rules that are connected with our circadian rhythms, or our biological clock.

Researches have found though, that when we restrict our regular caloric intake by about 30%, our aging cells go back to working just like younger ones do. Calorie restriction, the experts say, works by “rejuvenating the biological clock” to a great extent.

“The low-calorie diet greatly contributes to preventing the effects of physiological aging,” said Salvador Aznar Benitah, who co-led the Spanish study. “Keeping the rhythm of stem cells ‘young’ is important because in the end these cells serve to renew and preserve very pronounced day-night cycles in tissue. Eating less appears to prevent tissue aging and, therefore, prevent stem cells from reprogramming their circadian activities.”

How much should you eat, and what kind of calorie restriction is safe to engage in? Talk to your doctor to find out about your optimal weight range. Working with a nutritionist can also help to ensure that you’re getting the right balance of nutrients in your diet.

Bon appetit.

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