How Exercise Can Ease Atrial Fibrillation

How Exercise Can Ease Atrial Fibrillation

Getting more active in moderation has been found to lessen symptoms in patients.

What is atrial fibrillation? It’s a condition that affects almost 10% of people aged 65 and over. Called AFib for short, it causes patients to suffer from an irregular heart beat.

It’s often rapid, though not always, and the problem is that it can increase your risk of having a stroke, heart failure and other complications like blocked blood flow in your body.

Is there a cure? Multiple treatments exist. They cover everything from medication to shock therapy that can reset the electrical signals in your heart. Talk about high-tech.

And of course, eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise are always part of the picture.

In fact, exercise is seen as a key defender of good health against AFib, at least by some experts.

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There has been some debate over whether those suffering from AFib should visit the gym more often or not. Some research has indicated that more exercise improves patient health only slightly when it comes to AFib, and that engaging in too much aerobic exercise can actually make things worse for your heart.

But a study published in Circulation back in 2016 argues against this. When patients stress their system with overexertion, it’s at the extreme end of the spectrum. Endurance athletes are the ones who experience an increased risk of AF with more training, not average citizens.

And it was found that when AFib patients increased their exercise over 12 weeks, 38% of participants experienced a significant reduction in their arrhythmia, They also continued to experience fewer and less severe symptoms following the intervention, as well as an increase in their peak oxygen consumption, cardiac function, quality of life, body mass index and blood lipids.

As with any change in treatment, talk with your doctor about the right approach to suit you needs. And know that a walk around the block will do you good!




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