Why Cord Blood is So Amazing

Why Cord Blood is So Amazing

It provides a perfect match should your child ever need a stem cell transplant, and holds other magical properties.

You’ve heard of animals eating their placenta. It’s said to be chock-full of nutrients. Humans are now following suit. Companies can now be found that will help you grind up your own gift of birth and encapsulate it in pills to eat with your morning breakfast cereal. Or, if you like you can turn it into a smoothie. Want it hot? Save it in the freezer and fry it up for a snack when groceries get low.

But what about the umbilical cord? That’s something different, right? Yes, it but it’s similar. This thing is the link between the fetus and the placenta, and delivers food to the unborn baby, like a direct lifeline, in a pregnant mother.

Cord blood is the substance that stays in your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta.  It’s said to be a super-rich source of stem cells as well as other important cells. And some rave about it.

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Should your child ever need a stem cell transplant at any point in the future, these are the ultimate answer. If kept, the cells will be immediately available throughout their lifetime, and there’s said to be no risk of their body rejecting them, something that can happen with those from a donor. It’s a guaranteed match.

And the blood is also a potential match for your family members.

Stem cells are currently used to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases, including cancers, immune deficiencies, blood disorders and genetic diseases. Need more convincing?

Clinical trials have shown that cord blood can improve the motor skills of children with cerebral palsy and that it’s associated with a higher survival rate among patients with leukemia. It may even help treat eczema and ALS. 

Pregnant and hoping to keep some for your child? If it isn’t needed by your own family, you can also always donate it. Click here to find out more.

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