Here Are the 6 Best Ways to Prevent Falling in Your Home

Here Are the 6 Best Ways to Prevent Falling in Your Home

From installing grab bars to wearing non-slip shoes in your home, there are many simple measures that can prevent a bad situation.

Love living on your own? Harboring a fear of falling?

The National Safety Council lists falling as the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths at home and at work.

Scarily enough, back in 2014 nearly 32,000 people died due to falling. Most of these falls happened in the workplace, and in certain industries such as construction, falling can actually be a leading cause of death.

What about at home? Most experts agree that falls, no matter where they happen, are 100% preventable. You can take certain steps to minimize your chances of falling by clearing away potential dangers and altering your home and lifestyle.

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First of all, clean up your clutter. If you have piles of books or clothing laying around, you’re inviting disaster. Have someone help you clear it, and get rid of things you no longer need in order to live in a clear home.

Next, tack down throw rugs and carpets so you won’t catch your feet on their edges. If you don’t really need the carpets, consider giving them away. Avoid wearing loose clothing, and wear non-slip shoes in your home.

It can also help to install grab bars and railings, especially in the shower and bathroom.

Lastly, if you don’t already, consider living on one level in order to avoid the hassle of stairs and the potential hazard they present. It may seem like common sense measures, but they work. Why wait until an accident happens? Prevent it now, and you’ll never wonder, ‘what if’.

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