Here is What Makes These 5 States the Healthiest in the Country

Here is What Makes These 5 States the Healthiest in the Country

Is your state as healthy or unhealthy as you think? Check out these latest results from America’s Health Rankings.

Surprisingly or not surprisingly, Hawaii has been rated the healthiest state in the country, for the 5th consecutive year. Maybe being so far removed from the rest of us is what does it, or maybe it’s all that beautiful sunshine and sand.

In a report put out by America’s Health each state was ranked according to the World Health Organization’s definition of health, as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

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Curious? Here are the top 5 healthiest states in the country, and how they got their ranking:

1) Hawaii


America’s 50th state has a low prevalence of obesity, most people have health insurance, and most hospitalizations only occur when a patient is really in dire straights. Diabetes is on the decline, as are deaths from drugs and the rate of infectious diseases is low. All of this and more added up to a top score!

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2) Massachusetts


This state has a lot of doctors to go around, and it looks like they are working hard to keep the population healthy. There is also a low rate of obesity and, like in Hawaii, most people have health insurance.

3) Connecticut


Connecticut does well at ensuring their children are immunized, helping to keep everyone in good health. Infectious disease is low as is the prevalence of smoking. Unfortunately, there is a lot of air pollution, so that might offset some of the benefits of being smoke-free, but it’s a good place to start.

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4) Minnesota


Unlike some other states, Minnesota has been found to have a low rate of drug deaths, a low percentage of child poverty, and most people have health insurance- enough to rank this state fourth from the top.

5) Vermont


Vermont not only has beautifully picturesque winters, but also a low rate of obesity, low crime rate and a low rate of uninsured citizens. This is what makes this state a winner.

To check out the full report, and see how your state ranked, click here.

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