5 Amazing Ways to Eat Easter Bread

5 Amazing Ways to Eat Easter Bread

The eggs and treats count, but completing your Easter spread with homemade bread is something your guests will remember.

Eating fresh bread in your own home is a delight. It might mean you’re on holiday or that you’ve got a free schedule with time to bake.

This Easter, having homemade bread at your table will be something everyone (who’s not gluten free) loves.

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Historically, the word ‘Easter’ comes from ‘Eostre,’ the name of the Anglo-Saxon goddess of light and spring. Each year, ancient peoples made special dishes to honor her so that the year would be filled with fertility and good things.

Bread played a special role and some say that celebrating with it may even go back to antiquity.

Rejoice with these 5 fantastic ways to eat bread at your celebration:

1) Jamie Oliver’s Hot Cross Buns


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Hot cross buns are an Easter institution in many places. People celebrating in the British Isles, Australia, Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa and some parts of the U.S will likely find these tasty buns someplace on their table.

Historians say that putting a cross on a bun is related to the story of the death of Christ but also may go all the way back to ancient Greece or ancient Egypt, where it actually was a sign of the horns of a bull.

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Get a recipe you know you’ll love by checking out Jamie Oliver’s version of the classic food. It’ll take you some time to make, (about 2.5 hours), but they’re worth it.

2) Italian Easter Bread

Jamie Oliver’s version of Italian Easter bread is also a recipe to note. It calls for things like caster sugar and ground star anise, so you might have to visit the store first before diving in. You won’t be sorry you did, though.

3) Decadent Cinnamon Rolls


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It’s so easy to buy delicious cinnamon rolls in a huge box, but making your own can be rewarding. You know they’re fresh and they have less sugar, as well.

This recipe calls for you to assemble the rolls the night before, and bake them the next day, if you wish. Double the filing for a stickier, bun bursting with cinnamon.

4) Greek Easter Bread

Greek Easter bread is very similar to its Italian counterpart shape as well as flavor. Both breads have some orange flavoring and a braided pattern. Italian Easter bread has colored eggs in the middle of its circle and the Greek version does not, so the presentation is different, but you’ll get a similar taste.

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This recipe makes 2 loaves- decorate as you wish.

5) Pull Apart Easter Blossom Bread


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If you like jam with your bread, this one is delicious. Pull apart Easter bread can be filled with jam, or lemon curd, depending on your taste. It takes a good chunk of time to make, so you might want to set aside an afternoon to get it done. Your guests will love you for it. Happy Easter!

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