Healthy 12-Year Old Dies of the Flu in Florida in Just a Few Days

Healthy 12-Year Old Dies of the Flu in Florida in Just a Few Days

The flu strikes again, and suddenly in West Palm Beach.

The flu season is in full swing, and with sad results. So far, over 30 people have died from the illness throughout the U.S., as it spreads across 49 states, causing a total of well over 74,000 laboratory confirmed cases.

The latest flu fatality is that of 12-year-old Dylan Winnik of West Palm Beach who died on Tuesday after battling the illness for less than just 3 days.

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Having attended a birthday party on Sunday he said he felt fine, but by Monday, he was running a fever and feeling the pain “down to his bones”. He appeared to be getting better later on, but by Tuesday afternoon he was gone.

Improving Survival Rates

It’s scary to hear of such cases, and it leaves many people wondering if getting the flu shot can actually help at all. It can, but not it’s not a 100% guarantee. The CDC says that the flu shot is usually about 50 percent effective, and while it’s always a good idea to get it, this year it’s only about 32 percent effective.

Getting the shot can improve your chances of surviving if you do happen to come down with this year’s aggressive form of the illness, but it doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get sick. All in all, it’s a very good precautionary measure to take.

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During 2016-2017, 110 deaths were reported from the flu, with 92 the year before and 148 recorded throughout 2014-2015. The total of 30 fatalities recorded this year is nowhere near these previous totals, but each death is a tragic example of the sudden toll the flu can take on the body.

And the season isn’t yet over. Follow these tips for staying safe during the outbreak, and help protect yourself this season.

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