These Foods Might Increase Your Risk of Colon Cancer

These Foods Might Increase Your Risk of Colon Cancer

According to pooled data from two major health studies, eating inflammatory foods on a regular basis can increase your chances of getting colon cancer.

The fact that a wholesome, well-balanced diet is the foundation of good health is already common knowledge. But now, it seems that a eating the right foods one of the key factors for a cancer-free colon. So, what exactly is considered to be an optimal diet? After all, there are so many options available: paleo, vegan, gluten-free, keto

Even though any of the different dietary regimes could be a perfect match for your personal needs, in reality, the healthiest diet is the one that doctors have been recommending all this time. That includes more vegetables (especially green leafy ones), whole grains over refined, and unsweetened coffee  or fruit juice rather than fizzy sodas and sugar-laden lattes.

On the other hand, anything that falls into the “junk food” category is best avoided. According to the results of the study, processed meats, red meat, organ meat, refined flour and sugary drinks are the foods that were most often linked to colon cancer. Why? Because these foods promote chronic inflammation.

The study, published in the journal JAMA Oncology, used data from two studies, spanning over a period of 25 years and with more than 121,000 participants. People were asked to fill in a dietary questionnaire every four years, and their responses, as well as their medical history, gave scientists the ideal opportunity to recognize the impact nutritional choices have on colon health.

Researchers note that the group of people who were at the highest risk of colon cancer shouldn’t be considered typical- rather, they are outliers. These individuals were consistently eating large amounts of foods that promote inflammation. So don’t worry if you have a “cheat meal” from time to time- the real problem is if eating junk food is your daily routine, rather than an occasional slip-up.

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