6 Reasons Femininity is Amazing For Women

6 Reasons Femininity is Amazing For Women

Ok- so being a woman gets a bad rap sometimes. Women are said to be too emotional, we get annoying periods, we have to physically bring every human being into the world through a tiny drain hole, we don’t get paid as much as men to do it, half the population generally thinks we’re weaklings and in some countries we can’t even go the 7 Eleven to buy a Slurpee by ourselves on a hot day…ever.

Ok, so life sucks.

But why do women outlive men in a majority of places around the world? Because so many behaviors associated with being feminine are good for you. And that’s got to be a good thing, right?

Life doesn’t suck at all.

Here are 6 reasons why feminine traits rock:

1) Taking less risks is good for you.



Women engage in less risky behavior than men , and engaging in risky behavior can reduce your life expectancy, so not engaging in it is, well, a good thing. Not all women are sewing- and yes, men can sew too- but women are just less likely to jump off a cliff to prove their toughness to their friends. And so, they survive longer on land.

2) Visiting the doctor is good for you.



If Dr. Oz says it’s good for you, it must be. On the whole, women visit the doctor more often than men,  and in doing so, are more likely to catch gradual changes that might cause larger problems down the road. They undergo preventive screenings for things like heart disease and diabetes in doing so, and can take action to make lifestyles changes.

3) Sharing your feelings is good for you.



Sharing your feelings clears your emotional stress and can help you cope with everyday worries and troubles. Women are more likely to do this than men, allowing them to feel more supported in their emotional challenges.

4) Not having to be in charge is good for you.


Being the boss can be stressful and it’s not that women aren’t bosses, but rather that they are still less likely to be the boss. So, while many complain about this- yes, it’s worthy of complaining about- it has a good side to it, too in avoiding stressful environments.

5) Decorating and making things look good is good for you.



The mood of a room can influence your inner mood, and we all know some guy who happens to be great at decorating, but on the whole, more women do it. And it’s proven to be good for you.

6) Letting go is good for you.



Being able to let go and move is a key lesson to learn in life. It can hold great benefits. According to some sources, sometimes men never really truly get over broken relationships and consequently, suffer more anxiety and stress.

7) Eating healthy food is good for you.



Women are just plain better at eating healthy food like kale and cottage cheese frosting. And this hopefully this leads to more nutrients and a longer life.






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