Don’t Like Coffee? Try a Caffeine Bracelet Instead

Don’t Like Coffee? Try a Caffeine Bracelet Instead

Coffee is an acquired taste. Thanks to its natural bitterness, consumers customize it to taste with milk, cream, or sugars. Regardless, coffee’s true appeal is that kick in the pants the caffeine gives in the early mornings.

How about getting that caffeine boost without having to stomach a cup of Joe?

Joule is a bracelet – yes, a bracelet – that’s the closest thing you’ll find to an IV drip of coffee.

The crowd-funded startup project works like a nicotine patch. An FDA-approved transdermal caffeine patch is placed in a slot on the inside of the bracelet, which gives the caffeine a direct path to the bloodstream.

The patch lasts for four hours, slowly dispersing the same amount of caffeine as an average-sized coffee (65mg). Thanks to its consistent flow of caffeine, users aren’t bothered by caffeine slumps and jitters that come with coffee consumption.

And at $29 USD for the bracelet and a 30-pack of patches, it saves money for coffee enthusiasts. Refills are $27, making it less than a $1 a day. For those feeling extra fancy, there’s a $99 watch version if you’d rather have a dual-purpose accessory on your wrist.

Bustle sees other advantages to the wristwear, too:

“Also consider the other perks: it won’t have you running to the bathroom every 15 minutes, it won’t be acidic on your stomach, and it won’t yellow your teeth the way coffee does. Plus you won’t be holding a fist up to your vengeful gods every time you open the office fridge and see that someone finished off the last of the milk you typically drown your coffee products in.”

Joule has managed to raise $4,168 of its $15,000 goal in just the first 23 hours of its crowdfund campaign. If/when they get more money, they’re planning to make varying strengths of caffeine patches.

The bracelets won’t ship until July, but is available for preorder on Joule’s Indiegogo page.

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