Busy With No Time for Sex? How to Gain It Back

Busy With No Time for Sex? How to Gain It Back

It’s possible to get back to intimacy, if you make it a priority.

Life is busy, no doubt. Many of us find it hard to find the time to do the dishes, let alone make it to the gym and spend quality time with our partner. Sex? That might come last on your list.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you may find that romance has fallen by the wayside. A lot of this could be because you simply don’t make time for it. (It’s not always the case, but often).

Sometimes, it’s just not possible to do it all but in other situations, with a little tweaking you could find a better balance for your day…and time for love.

Experts have a few simple recommendations. The first is simply booking a babysitter (if you have kids). This is easier said than done for some, but ask around, consult with friends, put up neighborhood posters, search on Craigslist, Kijiji and Sittercity and eventually you’ll find someone. It can take time, but they’re out there.

(Of note: some communities also have ‘date night’ programs where you can drop the kids for a few free hours at a school gym. They play all sorts of ball sports, and you get to take a walk with your partner back to your empty homes, minus the scooters and strollers.)

No Screens

Stressed parents can find it hard to have time for sex.

And it may seem obvious, but it can also help to turn off the TV, and put your phone away. Turn the screen off and look each other in the eye. All of a sudden you’ve got an empty evening. What to do?

And then there’s scheduling sex. If you’re very busy, this makes sense, it’s just like booking a pedicure. Yes, it sounds very unromantic and while some couples find that it blows out any last piece of burning flame that’s been hanging around, others say it works. Samantha Rodman, PhD, has a good blog on how to approach the idea, written for the Huffington Post.

Finally, both of you might have let your ‘look’ slip over the years. Take a shower, do your hair, buy a new shirt and join a gym. You’ll feel more attractive, and so will your partner.

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