4 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Contact Lenses and How to Avoid Them

4 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Contact Lenses and How to Avoid Them

You’re likely not following doctor’s orders when wearing your contacts. Here’s how.

Contact lenses are something almost 41 million Americans wear each day. With the advent of ordering them online, less and less patients may be visiting an optometrist regularly, and the results can be disturbing.

If you know your eyes are in good shape, no worries. If you feel like they’re extra dry or somehow, well, just off, a visit to an optometrist could be in order.

Here are 4 things that might possibly go wrong, if you’re not careful:

1) Everything

If you don't use your contacts properly, you could get eye ulcers and more.

Not to get us off on the wrong foot, but the scary news is that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (and Bustle.com) state that up to about 99% of those who wear contact lenses are just plain doing it wrong. So, we really need to touch base about everything.

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Apparently, as humans we don’t really know where our eyeballs are at all and how to assist them correctly, without risking infection just about every hour of every day.

What’s the problem? Most of us aren’t following simple practices like washing our hands before inserting our contact lenses, taking them out to shower or swim, sleeping with them in (very bad idea, from experience), using new solution every time, replacing our lenses and case on schedule and disinfecting our contact case every time we use it. Sound familiar? Now you know.

2) Forgetting About Them…27 Times

This is no joke, although it might make you laugh in disbelief. Some poor 65-year-old woman was getting prepped for cataract surgery when doctors say they found 27 contact lenses floating around in her eye, according to NPR.org.

The woman had been wearing disposable contacts for 35 years and had recently felt her eyes were certainly getting too dry… but she chalked that up to old age and called it a day.

Amazing. She’s said to have been shocked at all the contacts hanging out in her eyeballs.

Doctors have reported that since the 27 extra contacts have been removed –they were balled up in 2 chunks- the patient feels much better. I should say!

Surgery was postponed until the bacteria that had accumulated in her eye cleared itself, but amazingly, she wasn’t reported to have an infection. That being said, don’t try this one at home, kids.

3) Getting Oozing Eye Ulcers

If you don't use your contacts properly, you could get eye ulcers and more.

Yum, eye ulcers. It’s unlikely, but it could happen. If you don’t change your contacts often enough or misuse them often, (ie, you sleep in them all the time), you’re definitely risking doing some damage to your cornea. Stop your bad habits and keep on seeing.

4) Going, Well, Blind.

For sure, this is the doomsday report. It’s super unlikely that wearing contacts will ever make you go blind, but here it is: don’t use tap water to clean them, and when you wash your hands before putting them in, also make sure you dry them. Also, don’t go in the swimming pool with them on.

That might seem like something that’s pretty straightforward, but for one woman in the UK, it wasn’t. Somehow a micro-organism that’s usually found in tap water got in contact with her eye and wreaked havoc, causing her to go blind in one eye.

She’s still got the other one, sure, but is it worth it? No. Follow her advice on keeping your eyes safe, here.

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