Beards are as Dirty as Toilets

Beards are as Dirty as Toilets

The next time you fiddle with a beard – whether your own, your boyfriend’s, or girlfriend’s (like my ex’s…) – don’t forget to wash your hands.

No, it isn’t because of the small chicken bones or other leftovers from last night’s dinner.

Beards are as “dirty as toilets” and full of “poop particles”, according to a study from a lab in New Mexico. Featured on VuzTV, men had their beards swabbed in search of what lies beneath. How the lab got funding for this hirsute research is another story.

“I’m usually not surprised, and I was surprised by this,” said microbiologist John Golobic in a TV interview, who conducted the study.

While poop was prevalent amongst other common bathroom matter, the traces were minimal, so you can’t contract an illness or anything like that. In fact, our planet is more poop-infested than you’d think. So while it is tough to stay completely feces-free, you can possibly salvage your beard with some care.

This results of this study aren’t a shocker to some women. When I told my mum about the findings for example, she shrugged: “I already knew men were full of crap anyway.”

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  • Dumb article. How far is the head from the beard? Did anyone think to post and article finding all the dirt and poop in the persons head hair? Common sense tells me that anything found of the beard could just as easily be found on the head or arms for that matter. Obvious bias is showing here big time.


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