These are America’s Cleanest Chain Restaurants

These are America’s Cleanest Chain Restaurants

We know the service industry isn’t perfect – just look at the tainted ingredients that could make you sick, less than stellar production spaces, and worse.

Thankfully, a recent consumer data agency accrued feedback from diners on the cleanest restaurants they’ve eaten in, from how clean the cutlery was to the state of the bathrooms. The idea was to give consumers a good sense of which chain restaurants are relatively safe to eat at.

The agency, Technomic, including publically-available health data in their report, presented their list of restaurants that are the standard of clean dining.  The list is divided into two categories: “limited service,” including fast-food and fast-casual chains, and “full service,” which are sit-down restaurants where you’d expect table service.

Now what you’ve been waiting for: the winners.

Fast food lovers, set your expectations to disappointed. Most of America’s leading fast-food chains didn’t crack the winners list. Sandwich chain Firehouse Subs, burger joint Culver’s, and Southwestern food chain Newk’s Eatery were at the top of their respective categories.


The award for the cleanest fast food chain went to Chick-fil-A, the fried chicken restaurant that just recently claimed the title of America’s “best.

In the full-service category, Fleming’s Prime, an upscale steakhouse and seafood chain topped the list with a 70 per cent approval rating from diners.

While this list is a good relative guide for diners, there’s really no way to truly know what’s going on in commercial kitchens outside what health boards report. So don’t just rely on this report to gauge cleanliness – keep an eye out for unsanitary dining areas and facilities whenever you’re dining out!

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