A Cure For HIV and AIDS Only a Few Years Away

A Cure For HIV and AIDS Only a Few Years Away

Scientists are hopeful a permanent cure for HIV and AIDS is on the horizon.

This new found hope comes after researchers were able to snip away the virus from infected cells, preventing the disease from returning.

The experiments have been only successfully completed in a lab setting by experts in the U.S. via gene editing technology. The scientists from the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia are confident that within three years, they will be able to start trials on humans.

British experts say the treatment would effectively “engineer the body to cure itself from the inside”, while charities are exclaiming this technology is “very exciting”.

The trials are giving hope to the endgame of a permanent HIV/AIDS cure. The human cells tested in the lab showed no other alterations or any change to their genetic codes post-procedure. The main fear of using this technology was that altering DNA could trigger genetic breaks, which would prove harmful or lethal to humans.

The research was published on Nature’s Scientific Reports website.

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