5 Amazing Deserts to Help You Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day

5 Amazing Deserts to Help You Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day

 Everyone can use some chocolate cake in their life, at least now and then. Here are some great choices for this Friday.

Your doctor might not be pushing you to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day this coming week, but we are. Why? Because someone should.

National Chocolate Cake Day celebrates the existence of chocolate cake, which, apparently, has only been with us for a mere 120 years or so.

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The national holiday is a chance to have some fun with one of America’s favorite birthday cakes, without having to know anyone with a birthday on January 27th– although, bonus points for you, if you do.

What’s the best cake to eat? Bake your own with these amazing recipes from Huffington Post.com, or order something for the office from one of these delivery services. Bon appetite!

1) Chocolate Mousse Torte


Bake Me a Wish! has some fabulous cakes to choose from. The chocolate mousse torte is the company’s best selling chocolate cake with mousse filling and fudge rosettes: live it up!

2) Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie Cake


Another lovely by Bake Me a Wish. “Rich and dense fudgy brownie cake covered in oodles of milk and dark chocolate!”

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3) Award-Winning Chocolate Layer Cake


We Take the Cake has made a rich, buttermilk cake filled and frosted with delectable chocolate cream cheese frosting.

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 4) Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake


We Take the Cake can also deliver this gluten-free, vegan Dutch cocoa masterpiece.

5) Personalized Three Layer Chocolate Cake


Shari’s Berries has a beautiful 3-layer chocolate cake that’s certified Kosher Dairy by Orthodox Union.

Happy Chocolate Cake Day, 2017.

Photo credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

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