5 Things About Bacon You Might Not Know…But Probably Should

5 Things About Bacon You Might Not Know…But Probably Should

Most of us love the sizzling, salty taste of bacon. Here are 5 things about bacon your mom likely never told you…but maybe you should know.

Great, tasty bacon is the gold standard for many breakfast-lovers. Having some on-hand or available for order can really make a regular, humdrum meal standout.

But it’s well known that adding some fattening pork to your plate isn’t considered to be the healthiest option. Also, for many, personal views mean that it never makes it to the plate at all.

The good news is that alternatives abound. The sizzling, salty taste is something we all can savor.

So, here are 5 things about bacon your mom likely never told you…but maybe you should know.

1) Turkey, Duck and Beef Bacon Can Taste Great


I hate to admit it, but it’s true: it doesn’t have to be from a pig. The truth is that alternatives to pork bacon abound and some of them come quite close to the real deal.

Turkey bacon doesn’t have all the fat of pork bacon (a plus for some), but fry it up in some fat and put it on a BLT sandwich, and it’s delish.

Duck bacon definitely has the fat, but obviously tastes quite different. Still, a great substitute! And for the culinarily adventuresome bunch, you can even learn to make your own beef bacon at home.


2) The Protein in Bacon Can Help Balance Your Blood


Ok, Bacontoday.com can’t necessarily be trusted to offer the most unbiased info with regards to bacon, but we looked at it anyways. It was tempting- just like the salty, crispy stuff.

Here is an interesting fact cited on the website:

Bacon, like any protein, takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and so eating it can help to keep your blood sugar in check. Of course, the extra sodium intake is something to watch out for, so eating it in moderation is recommended.

3) It Can Boost Your Memory


Who knew? It seems that eating bacon sometimes can actually improve your thinking. Bacon is full of a nutrient called choline that is important for improving memory and attention.

4) It’s Full of Essential Nutrients


According to Bacontoday.com, by eating a regular portion of this fabulous meaty breakfast treat, we get:

“65% of our Recommended Daily Intake of thiamin (vitamin B1) as well as 47% of our niacin (vitamin B3), 38% of our vitamin B12, 36% of our zinc, 24% of our vitamin B6, 22% of our riboflavin (vitamin B2), 22% of our phosphorus, 10% of our pantothenate, 10% of our magnesium, (and) 9% of our iron…”

Not bad. Time to bring it home.

5) You Can Buy it In About 9 Different Cuts


The bacon we eat the most in North America is side bacon and it comes from pork belly, but there are actually many more cuts of bacon to enjoy.

Back bacon, cottage bacon, jowl bacon, slab bacon, and collar bacon, as well as hock, gammon and picnic bacon all exist with their own tasty flavors.

According to online sources, recent sales of bacon have jumped since 2011, selling nearly $4 billion worth of the food in 2013- an all-time high. Wow!

For some of the best bacon recipes around, check these out on food.com. (Warning: it includes bacon apple pie and bacon cupcakes. Prepare yourself).

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