5 Reasons to Stuff Yourself With Blueberries This July

5 Reasons to Stuff Yourself With Blueberries This July

Berries, berries, berries! The blue ones are on their way and it’s time to celebrate. They’re packed full of goodness for both your brain and body.

Summertime is all about celebrating blueberries. How? Well, it’s national blueberry month in the U.S in July and in Canada, it happens during August.

Apparently, according to legend, the North American Blueberry Council had been working for decades with the U.S Department of Agriculture to have the month of July earmarked as National Blueberry Month, and on a sunny day in July of 2003, it finally happened. In Canada, a Royal Proclamation made the magic transpire.

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This means that blueberry festivals are coming, as well as pick-your-own chaos on a blueberry farm near you. July is peak blueberry season in the U.S, with fruit quality and prices at a low point for the year. (Last year’s national blueberry festival list can be found here).

What good is the small, dark berry to you besides being delicious? Check out these five benefits of stuffing yourself with blueberries this coming July.

1) They Fight Cancer

Blueberries are great for your mind and body.

OK, let’s not be ridiculous and state that eating blueberries is going to cure you of a serious disease like cancer. Eating them as part of your regular diet though, can act as a preventive measure that can help keep you healthy and perhaps not develop it in the first place.

Developing cancer can have a strong genetic component, but lifestyle choices can also play a part. Eating blueberries is a good one.

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According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, the vitamin C found in blueberries protects DNA by trapping free radicals and inhibiting the formation of carcinogens. So, in essence, this fruit reduces the damage in your body that can lead to cancer.

2) They’re Good For Your Brain

Everyone loves food that’s going to enhance their thinking, and blueberries are spot on. In studies involving animals, researchers found that blueberries protect the brain in the same way they do the rest of the body, resulting in the possibility of providing protection against Alzheimer’s and other degenerative brain diseases.

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3) They Improve Your Digestion

Blueberries are great for your mind and body.

This blue fruit is full of fiber and can help keep your digestion on track and pumping along. Grab a handful or two or three as the day goes on, and your pipes will be clean as a bean.

4) They’re Great for Your Heart

According to Dr. Axe, researchers have found that if you eat blueberries along with strawberries, you could significantly decrease your risk of having a heart attack, by up to 33%. Here’s to mixed berry smoothies!

5) You’ll Have Better Skin

Anything that fights off the damage caused by free radicals is great for your skin. Nourish your look from the inside out and you’re two steps ahead.

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For more information on blueberries and how to consume them in the best way possible, stay tuned for weird recipes, festival announcements and more.

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