5 easy ways to increase your metabolism

5 easy ways to increase your metabolism

Do you have a fast metabolism?

A quicker metabolic rate means your body will burn calories faster and with more efficiency.

As you age, however, you may find that your metabolism slows down naturally, which could lead to weight gain. Luckily, there are small and simple ways you can speed it up. Here are 5 actionable tips you can implement immediately.

Fast for a bit

Fasting, or not eating for a short period of time, could provide a wealth of health benefits.

Research from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University suggests that fasting could boost your metabolism and produce antioxidants. But before you decide to fast for a short time, speak to your doctor for some advice on the issue.

Eat more protein


Your daily protein consumption does affect your metabolism. According to research published in the US National Library of Medicine, consuming a good amount of protein helps with weight management while giving a boost to your metabolic rate. So, maintaining a healthy diet is key to a balanced lifestyle.

Take a hot bath

If, for whatever reason, you’re unable to exercise regularly, taking a hot bath may help you in improving your metabolism.

Research from the American Physiological Society suggests that hot-water immersion could help improve glucose metabolism in sedentary, overweight males. This finding may be true for both genders, though more studies are required.

Eat more leafy greens

See, your parents were onto something when they said to eat your greens.

If you’re looking for a quick way to give your metabolism a boost, try adding more leafy greens to your plate. Registered dietician Taylor Newhouse told the Texas A&M Health Center that this change could help improve your metabolism.

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Never skip breakfast

Too busy to grab something to eat each morning?

Newhouse told the Texas A&M Health Center that eating breakfast on a daily basis can also help support your metabolism. Planning ahead and a little food prep will ensure you always have a nutritious breakfast ready and waiting for you, so you’ll never have an excuse to skip the most important meal of the day!

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