Hot Wing and Wasabi Oreos are Now on the Market in China

Hot Wing and Wasabi Oreos are Now on the Market in China

Tired of the same old thing? If you’re living in China, you no longer have to settle for plain old chocolate and vanilla, at least when it comes to your favorite cookies.

Mondelez International, the parent company that makes our beloved Oreo cookies, announced a change on Twitter this week.  Hot wing and wasabi-flavored Oreos are now on the market in The People’s Republic. (The move is being labelled by some as a prank, but apparently it’s the real deal).

It isn’t the first time Oreo’s have been taken for a flavor-spin. Watermelon, chocolate-strawberry, fruit punch, cheeseburger, peanut butter cup. Jelly donut, Swedish fish, root beer, fired chicken, cotton candy and banana split are all flavors that Oreo may or may not have attempted to throw at customers around the world in the past, according to the Internet.

Still not convinced? Mondelez International isn’t the only company with a wide pallet.

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Other tasty-yet-strange twists on American treats can be found on menus across the globe.

McDonald’s in Thailand is said to sell the McRice: a burger served between 2 rice paddies, as well as the Samurai Pork Burger. And don’t be surprised if you see a Green Tea and Red Bean sundae on the dessert menu throughout Asia: it’s a standard offering for those who love the treasured azuki bean, which often takes the place of chocolate in places like South Korea.

And frankly, it is pretty tasty. Just remember that rich brown looking frozen treat isn’t the fudge delight you think it is. There’s nothing like a bit of frozen red bean paste.

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