5 Best Places for Goat Yoga in the U.S.

5 Best Places for Goat Yoga in the U.S.

If you’re looking for a class and willing to travel, check out these farms that could have you bending with the animals, right now.

Goat yoga is all the rage. We’ve written about it before, but with the huge demand some yoga studios are seeing for these classes, we decided to help you find out where to actually sign up for one.

Buyer beware: the waiting lists are sometimes over 1,000 people long. If you aren’t in a rush and can meditate peacefully as you await your turn, you’ll strike a spot.

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While you’re in line, why not check out the Internet sensation goat rescue, Goats of Anarchy on Twitter and Instagram, and consider picking up a copy of Leanne Lauricella’s book about her journey, all in the name of a good cause.

Here are 5 places to catch an amazing goat yoga class in the U.S:

1) Jenness Farm, Nottingham, New Hampshire

Really cute face of a baby brown goat in the wild.

In April of 2017, this farm had a waiting list of about 350 people for its classes.

“The response (to the classes) has been overwhelming,” Jenness Farm owner Peter Corriveau said to unionleader.com. “We stopped taking names for waiting lists after they hit 350 people, so we’re trying to add in another instructor, add some more days of the week for classes and get a bigger space in the barn so we can accommodate as many people as we can.”

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In addition to hawking yoga, Jenness Farm sells all kinds of goat merchandise including soap and body care products. Can’t make it in person? Watch these goat cams as they broadcast the goats, live from the barn.

2) Critter Creek Farm, Rock Hill, S.C

Funny goat standing on barn roof on country farm. Cute and funny white young goat on a background of blue sky. Goat farm.

Oh, the fresh air. Not only to you get to frolic with the goats while doing yoga on this farm in South Carolina, but you can also drink wine while you’re at it.

3) No Regrets Farm in Albany, Oregon

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - JUL 09, 2016: Men and women make exercises during yoga training on grass at summer day in park. Yoga is a group of practices which originated in ancient India.

This farm really should be at the top of the list. No Regrets Farm is the birthplace of goat yoga. It all started when a guest at a birthday party on the premises suggested to farm owner Lainey Morse that the venue would be a great place for yoga, too.

Sadly, zoning regulations have brought goat yoga classes to a halt on Morse’s exact property but she is apparently networking with other locations to provide something similar.

4) Arizona Goat Yoga

goat and goat grazing on a green meadow

This farm in Gilbert, Arizona is everything you need, in terms of goat yoga. Sign up for a class for just $12, kids 10 and over are welcome.

5) Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga, Boulder, Colorado

The craze has made its way all the way to Boulder.

“If you’re in a pose and one’s (a goat is) on top of you or nibbling you and you like it, you’re just welcome to stay there and catch up with us later,” instructor Vanessa Vitali is quoted by Fox 31 Denver, as telling her class one Sunday afternoon.

Grab your pants, yoga mat and hit the hay!

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