5 Signs You Might Have Asthma

5 Signs You Might Have Asthma

If you have trouble sleeping due to breathing problems, or find yourself coughing often without reason, you could be asthmatic.

May 7th is World Asthma Day. The annual event is organized by the Global Initiative for Asthma, in an effort to improve awareness and care around the world for the condition.

Most asthma sufferers know they have it. Adult onset asthma is a condition that can occur at any time during your life though, and could catch you by surprise. Knowing the signs and of the condition can help you identify what may be going on.

Here are some of the top symptoms of asthma:

1) Shortness of Breath

If you find yourself out of air more frequently, and you can’t identify a reason, it could be asthma.

2) A Tight Chest

When you suffer from a cold or allergies, a tight feeling in your chest could be common. But when it arises on its own, it’s something else. Always consult your doctor.

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3) Wheezing When You Exhale

If you produce a whistling sound when you exhale, it may be a build up from seasonal allergies- or not. Again, get it checked out.

4) Coughing or Wheezing

No cold virus, but still coughing? This is a common symptom.

5) Trouble Sleeping Caused by Shortness of Breath

If you’re fine during the day but once you lie down, you can’t breath well enough to relax and sleep, you may have asthma.

Always talk to a doctor for a proper diagnosis. A severe asthma attack can be fatal. Learn your triggers and the best ways to prevent an attack.

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