4 Reasons to Cuddle Up This Winter

4 Reasons to Cuddle Up This Winter

A close, intimate physical connection can help you overcome a cold while improving your relationship.

Snuggling up with your one-and-only is a great way to unwind. But not all of us make time for it.

We’ve got dishes to wash, programs to watch and more often than not, we’re just too plain old tired. But giving yourself a few minutes to embrace each other and chill can make all the difference.

How? Check out these 4 benefits of cuddling up and getting cozy:

1) It Reduces Stress

It’s no news that living a stressful life is bad for your health. It’s hard on your heart, immune system and psyche.

It’s impossible to avoid all conflicts and pressure though, when living a busy life so why not snuggle up as an antidote?

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According to Bustle.com, researchers from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill found that those who hugged each other briefly and held hands while watching a video had lower blood pressure and heart rate levels, compared to those who didn’t touch. Snuggles all around.

2) It Increases Oxytocin

Cuddling can boost your immune system and help you bond with a partner.

Feeling happy can come from having a great experience, but that’s not all. It can also come through touch.

Gentle holding and caressing tells your body to release the feel-good hormones, oxytocin. Cuddling is the perfect opportunity to have some much-needed overall happiness boosted into your system, and a great way to reduce those mid-winter blahs.

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3) It Promotes Bonding

If you feel like you’re drifting a bit further from your partner than you’d like, snuggling can be a good way to start bridging that gap. Research proves that non-verbal communication can be just as important in a relationship as words. Having time for caring touch that’s non-erotic shows a willingness to spend time and connect.

4) It Can Boost Your Immune System

Cuddling also releases serotonin. Working in tandem with oxytocin, it boosts your immune system according to a 2014 study done at Carnegie Mellon University. Hoping to avoid the flu this season? Give a hug and cuddle.

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