4 Hair Cuts That Make You Look Years Younger

4 Hair Cuts That Make You Look Years Younger

Whether it’s shorter hair you crave or long, luscious locks, there’s a look that can add the flare of youth.

Sometimes there’s nothing like a fresh cut to set the tone. A bad haircut can break your day, and thankfully there’s always the chance to let it grow, get it re-cut or dye it again. But it’s always bad news.

On the flip side, a good one can do just the opposite. A great hairstyle can do you the favor of highlighting features in your face that are most attractive, set you apart and give you that extra boost of confidence to help you meet your goals and aspirations.

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If you’re blessed with an aging face, (as we all know, wisdom only comes with experience), getting a cut that promotes your sass and beauty can be key.

Here are four hairstyles that can leave them guessing about your age and marveling at your presence:

1) Bangs

Getting the right cut can take years off your look.

Goldie Hawn has had them forever. According to stylists interviewed by Allure, bangs are one of the best compliments you can add to your look at any age. The great benefit of sporting them as you age is the fact that they can hide the fine lines on your forehead and around your temples and eyes.

Quick tip: stylists say it can be better to opt out of thick, blunt bangs with sharp lines and go for a softer look that frames your face in different lengths.

2) Curls

They aren’t just for two-year olds. Flaunting those curls and avoiding all the time taken with straightening could be your perfect look.

Coming from someone with a full head of these guys, I know how tempting it is to wish them all away and pine for a sleeker day. But hold on-nature gave you that beautiful bounty for a reason!

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Why not show it off?

What do stylists advise? Keep your curls about shoulder-length or just above, and round them out so you don’t get that over-bearing pyramid-look.

Warning: as some say, when you truly let your curls shine, it can “elicit major hair envy”, so be ready to tell the others (quickly) how wonderful they look.

3) The Bob

Getting the right cut can take years off your look.

The bob is that perfect in-between look that says ‘mature’ yet ‘young-at-heart’ and playful. If you want a shorter look but don’t feel like a pixie cut is quite your thing, this is the answer.

One of the great benefits the bob brings is its ability to be customized to just about any face.

Straight or curly, thick or thin, it does the trick. A good stylist can make this cut accentuate your flare and create a flattering look, while maximizing the texture of your hair.

4) Waves

Whether you’re going for shoulder-length hair or locks that run down your back, giving it some wave is always a bonus. It adds energy and bounce to your look, creating a free-flowing youthful look they won’t soon forget.

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