3 Weight Loss Devices You Won’t Believe Exist

3 Weight Loss Devices You Won’t Believe Exist

From Fitbits to weight loss apps, the quest to shed pounds is a hot topic. If you’re struggling with extra weight, check out these systems that can turn your big dreams into a thin reality.

Trying to lose weight can feel like attempting to get your toddler to pull on something other than that Spiderman shirt for the 5th day in a row: it’s a truly fruitless battle.

At the worst, you can’t get anywhere without loud, irrational screaming and tears. At best, everyone’s happy for a second, until someone looks in the mirror.

Many Americans truly want to lose weight and it can be an all-encompassing project. If exercise and healthy eating aren’t working for you quite as you’d like, talk to your doctor and check out these 3 weight loss devices to help make the road that much easier:

1) Silicone Stomach Balloon

Yes, it turns out that balloons aren’t just for birthday parties anymore. This one is placed in your stomach, where it takes up space and helps you eat less, which is definitely cause to celebrate.

The procedure to get it all in place takes about half an hour to complete, and it involves having one or two balloons placed down your throat and guided into your stomach, while you’re mildly sedated.

A salt water solution fills the balloons and they’re left inside your body for up to 6 months, while you adjust your eating habits.

It’s a solution that works for some and could be an answer for you if you’ve found that other, traditional routes towards weight loss haven’t worked all that well.

That being said, there are risks involved. The Washington Post reports that some patients have actually died as a result of the balloons. It’s very rare, and it’s not known exactly what happened in these cases, but it’s suspected that the containers may have over-inflated spontaneously, or that patients fell ill suddenly with acute pancreatitis and didn’t get treatment in time.

While using this method your doctor will expect you to follow a specific diet and exercise regime as a compliment. If you feel abdominal pain, seek help immediately.

2) Aspire Assist

There have been many voices speaking out against this device, it’s true. It’s a system that literally pumps your food out of your stomach and disposes of it in the toilet.

As you can imagine, because of the way it works, some have labeled the FDA’s approval of this device “medically sanctioned bulimia” and there is good cause to worry about people abusing it, should it land in the wrong hands. That being said, it can be a solution that does wonders, when used properly.

Here’s how it works: the Aspire Assist pumps 30% of your eaten food out of your stomach through a small feeding tube that leads down your esophagus.

Doctors are said to ensure that participants are psychologically fit to use this device before trying it, and they’re on-hand to follow those who use it, to ensure participants are getting the right amount of nutrients in their system.

3) Elipse Balloon

This device uses the same thinking as #1 to help you lose weight, only it eliminates the need for any anesthesia. It comes in the form of a small capsule attached to a thin catheter, that you swallow.

The capsule goes down into your stomach, where it then inflates on its own. Liquid is sent down the catheter, (which is now hanging out of your mouth, still attached to the capsule), and fills the balloon. Once it’s full, the catheter is detached and pulled out of you, and the balloon stays in place.

The whole procedure is easy and once your therapy is done, (after about 4 to 6 months), the whole thing deflates and you poo it out. It’s the easiest way to have a weight loss balloon implanted in your stomach, to get the results you’re seeking.

Think one of these might be for you? Talk to you doctor about your options, and best of luck on your path towards healthier living.

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