3 Recommended Beach Workouts from Fitness Gurus

3 Recommended Beach Workouts from Fitness Gurus

With the warm weather finally here, it’s time to take your workout outdoors. And what better place to work up a sweat than the beach?

Along with the revitalizing feeling of exercise, you’re sure to find an extra boost from being outside near the open water. Research says just taking in an ocean view does wonders to improve your mental health. And of course, is there a better way to cool down after an intense fitness session?

If you aren’t sure what types of workouts get the most out of a beach setting, check out these three fitness gurus and their ‘made-for-sand’ moves you can try on your next outing.

Ebonny Fowler


Fowler makes fitness fun again, and this recent Instagram post proves it. She shares a Pilates flow performed at the edge of lapping waves on a beach in Jamaica, set to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” Try not to be entranced by those killer core moves.

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Katie Austin


If your focus is on abs and arms, watch this workout from Katie Austin. Just grab a set of dumbbells, and a space of sand for your yoga mat.

Kerri Verna


Tomorrow Day 6 of #mayibeginwithten is Bakasana! This is the first arm balance that most students will learn. The reason it is in this “beginner” challenge is because over the last 15 years I have taught yoga, this pose is one of the most exciting and rewarding accomplishments for students. I have seen countless beginners try this pose and be able to do it with the right instruction. If you can do one push-up or chaturanga, you can do this pose. Anyone can begin to work this posture – you don’t have to take your feet off the ground to benefit. I feel that sometimes we can get caught up in the “I can’t” rather than just working towards “I can”. In this video, I show the progression to the full expression of the pose. With the right technique, effort and attitude, I believe you can achieve this pose! _ Tips: 1. Start in a low squat and squeeze the knees to the outside of the triceps. 2. Lean forward using your inner thighs to hug the arms. 3. If you are able to hold here, great! If you want to keep leaning forward, the toes might lift! 4. If flexibility allows, try placing the knees on the back of the arms close to the armpits. 5. Bend the arms and let the knees rest on their “shelf”. 6. Stuck in your core and lean forward pressing firmly into the ground. 7. When the feet become light, lift them or just one at a time. 8. Once you can balance with bent arms, super glue your thighs to your chest (strong core) and lean forward as you straighten the arms.?? _ Remember this is a journey, there is no destination. Enjoy the time you spend learning the process.?? _ Practice the full 10 min class with me on Omstars.com (link in bio). Use the code 101010 and your first month is $10. ? TAG a friend! #bakasana

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Kerri Verna, better known as Beach Yoga Girl to her million followers, is a yoga vet of 16 years. Even without the beach setting, that Crow Pose is what we all aspire to achieve.

“I feel that sometimes we can get caught up in the ‘I can’t’ rather than just working towards ‘I can,'” she writes in the caption to the post, which shows the full progression of Crow in easy-to-follow stages.

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