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About Psychologists

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A Psychologist is a medical specialist that evaluates, diagnoses, treats, and studies the behavioral and mental processes of patients of all ages.They provide consultation and counselling to help patients in understanding and managing thoughts, feelings and behavior.

Assessment and diagnosis is carried out with the use of a variety of psychological tests and mental and behavioral evaluations. Psychologists prescribe treatments and psychotherapies and are also active in conducting ongoing research into new theories and developments in the study of psychosis on an academic and applied level.

Topics which psychologists focus on include mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias, neurological, genetic, psychological and social determinants of behavior, brain injury, degenerative brain diseases, pain medicine, psychological aspects of terminal illnesses, cognitive functions, developmental and behavioral abilities, addiction and substance abuse, marital and family relationships and problems, work and societal relationships.

Psychologists practice in a variety of environments including in private offices, hospitals, clinics, as well as educational and correctional facilities. Psychologists work alongside a number of physicians from various medical specialties as well as working with Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Occupational Therapists.

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