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About Internists / Geriatricians

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Internists are physicians who provide primary care services work with delivering long-term comprehensive care to patients seeking treatment for everything from common ailments to chronic diseases.  They often work with patients who are hospitalized for care as well as treating conditions affecting the elderly (geriatric medicine.)

Internists perform a number of procedures including physical examinations, providing diagnosis, treating illness such as infections, influenza as well as chronic disease such as diabetes or hypertension prescribing medications and administering immunizations. An important aspect of an Internists duties includes disease prevention and providing mental health care as well. 

Internal Medicine contains many subspecialties that include Cardiologists, Endocrinologists, Nephrologist, Pulmonologist and Geriatrics.  Geriatric medicine focuses on the health of elderly people treating diseases and disabilities in older adults including referrals to home care services and assisted living facilities.

Conditions that most commonly affect the elderly can include dementia, delirium, immobility, instability, incontinence, impaired intellect/memory, impaired vision, hearing loss and injury as a result of falls.

Internists can work in consultation with other medical specialists through referrals and combined treatment alongside Emergency Medicine and Critical Care doctors, Family Doctors/General Practitioners and Nurse Practitioners. Internists carry out research and can practice in a number of different environments including hospitals, private office, intensive care clinics and nursing homes. 

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