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About Occupational Therapists

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Occupational health doctors specialize in treating patients with work-related illnesses or injuries.  They identify and analyze health risks to workers utilizing Preventative Medicine techniques to determine the best ways to prevent illness and injury from physical to mental and emotional hazards.

Such hazards may include the number of hours an employee works, ergonomics, excessive noise, polluted air, dangerous machinery as well as the incidence of stress and tiredness.

Preventive medicine is focused on the prevention of disease, prevention of premature death, and promoting physical and mental health. Preventive health procedures include vaccinations, smoking cessation, daily use of aspirin, screening for breast and colorectal cancers as well as effects of alcoholism or obesity on the body and vision failure. 

Occupational doctors work in a variety of environments that can include private practices, clinics and hospitals as well as being employed at a company to provide treatment for employees and to monitor workplace safety and health conditions.

Doctors practicing preventative medicine work closely with nurses and occupational safety professionals as well as specialists including experts in Addiction Medicine, Bariatrics/Weight Loss, Infectious Diseases and Geneticists.

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