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About Infectious Disease Specialists

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Infectious Disease physicians focus on the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses caused by bacteria or germs. Family Doctors/General Practitioners may refer patients to an Infectious Disease specialist if they require extensive care for high-risk infection.

Infectious Disease doctors provide treatment from diagnosis through to follow-up to ensure that the disease has been fully treated and there is no risk of spread or recurrence. They evaluate and assess medical records, including X-rays and blood tests to identify the type and extent of infection as well as and conduct physical examinations to help further pinpoint the cause of the infection.

Some types of infectious diseases include common cold or influenza, sexually transmitted diseases (STD), HIV/AIDS, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV,) food poisoning, pneumonia, Measles, Ringworm and Rubella. 

Treatments either administered or prescribed by an Infectious Disease specialist can include immunizations, antibiotics and even surgery depending on the severity or spread of the infection.

Infectious Disease specialists also work in conjunction with other medical specialists including combined treatments with a Pathologist, Emergency Medicine/Critical Care doctor, Preventative/Occupational doctor and Addiction Medicine specialists.

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