Why Women, in Particular, Should Avoid Sugary Drinks

Why Women, in Particular, Should Avoid Sugary Drinks

Consuming them in excess can drastically reduce the future quality of your health, a new study says.

Love colas, energy drinks and juice? They can be delicious on a hot day, or any day for that matter. But there’s a drawback. It’s widely known that consuming too much sugar on a daily basis can contribute to significant weight gain for anyone. A new study has found that for women however, the prognosis is even worse.

According to a recent report made on CNN, women have a much greater risk of dying prematurely as a result of consuming too many sugary drinks. Death by juice? It sounds ridiculous but apparently, it’s not entirely.

Men who have more than two servings of sugary drinks each day experience a 29% increased risk of dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease, the study found.

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Women who do the same, however, have a 63% increased risk of premature death. Sixty-three! If that isn’t reason enough to grab a glass of water, I don’t know what is.

Data in the study was analyzed from over 30,000 American men and over 80,000 American women dating back to 1976.

Not only do sugary drinks cause an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease, but they were also found to be connected to breast cancer and colon cancer.

What about artificial sweetener? That can help matters, but only up to a certain point. More than 4 drinks of it a day is detrimental.

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