Why Some People May Soon Be Drinking Cockroach Milk

Why Some People May Soon Be Drinking Cockroach Milk

From soy milk to almond, rice and now roach alternatives, there could soon be something for everyone.

Is it the next big dairy alternative? Most of us would disagree, but you never know what the future holds.

A report done in 2016 and reported on in the Hindustan Times found that Pacific Beetle cockroaches create nutrient-filled milk crystals that humans may consume. Yum.

No, no one is yet retailing cockroach milk on their shelves. The idea of drinking the stuff isn’t actually too far fetched, however. People around the world have been consuming insects for centuries, due to their strong protein content.

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Some adventuresome eaters in North America even swear by eating cricket powder. It’s said to contain 13 grams of protein in every 2.5 tbsps, which is nothing to balk at.

Will roach milk really take off, though? Certainly, not everyone will like it. I’m not sure I’d try it.

Roaches are associated in our North American minds with filth and infestations, and marketing their liquid could be a bit like trying to sell rat juice. A tough road to slog.

And there are other drawbacks. Experts also say that it takes many cockroaches to produce very little milk, with a ratio of 1:1. (It takes 100 roaches to produce 100 grams of milk).

But, never say never. Scientists are said to be working on the project and time will tell just which way our tastes go. For the moment, try some pea milk or insect ice cream. Yummy alternatives.

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