Why People Are Being Hospitalized After Eating These Cheetos

Why People Are Being Hospitalized After Eating These Cheetos

Too much of a good thing is causing a scare.

OK, spice is good. Jalapenos and other hot peppers are great. But being hospitalized because you ate too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?

Here it is. According to a report on Vice.com, people around the globe are being hauled off to the emergency room after consuming too many of these addictive, crunchy snacks. And in fact, it isn’t the spice that’s doing them in, but something else.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos contain red dye, and it’s strong enough to show up in your poop. CBS News is reporting that kids are eating too many of them, and it makes it look like they’ve got blood in their stool.

Of course, you have to eat a considerable amount of these crispy delights.

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Apparently, however, some kids have no problem doing that.

Even rapper Lil Xan fell victim to Cheetos’ devilish ways back in 2012. He’d eaten so many that it ripped something open in his stomach.

What happened? He puked up some blood.

Is it just me or is something off? Try some banana muffins, kids. Get mom to make you some homemade granola bars. I love Cheetos too, but to put it lightly, you’re waste the doctor’s time.

Remember, everything in moderation. Chester Cheeto isn’t going to judge you if, on occasion, you turn and look the other way when you’re wandering down the snack aisle. And neither should your friends, if they’re as loyal as they say they are.

It sure says something about the state of the nation, when this is the stuff making headlines. You simply can’t make it up.

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