Which Mustache Should Winnik Grow?

Which Mustache Should Winnik Grow?

Parks and Recreation, Big Lebowski, Hulk Hogan or Magnum P.I? You choose.

It’s fall and time to raise awareness for men’s health issues. Males across the world are growing a mustache to celebrate Movember and everyone is set to raise funds for research into developing cures for prostate and testicular cancer, as well as suicide among men and male mental health issues.

Who is participating? Among the big names stepping up to the plate is Daniel Winnik, forward for the NHL’s Minnesota Wild. The only question is, what mustache should he have?

Winnik is asking fans to help him choose. You have four options to select from and a chance to make your voice heard online, on Twitter, if you wish to participate.

Winnik says he will either grow a mustache in the vein of Ron Swanson’s ‘stache from the NBC sitcom “Parks & Recreation,” The Stranger’s from the movie “The Big Lebowski,” Hulk Hogan’s from his wrestling days, or that sported by Thomas Magnum on “Magnum, P.I.”.

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To have your voice heard, cast your vote on Winnik’s Twitter page in the comments section.

Let’s see what he’ll do! Whatever it is, it’s sure to be amusing.

Members of the NHL are participating in Movember as part of the league’s ongoing “Hockey Fights Cancer” initiative.

Nicholle Anderson-wife of Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson-is the community’s ambassador, and in charge of assisting the NHL in helping support cancer patients and their families.

For more information on Movember, click here.

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