Want to be More Productive in the Morning? Try Waking up at This Time

Want to be More Productive in the Morning? Try Waking up at This Time

Staying up late used to be cool, but the in thing now is snoozing.

Your body will think you’re cool: A good night’s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your body – and that includes the time you should be waking up, too.

At this point, you probably think you know what we’re going to say: That early risers get more done in their day, and that successful people wake up early, so you should too.

But hold up. According to growing bodies of research, getting consistent sleep is the only thing you need to boost productivity.


This is supported by a study done by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. They tracked the sleep patterns of 61 students at Harvard College for a month. With all students sleeping for roughly the same amount of time, those that went to bed and woke up at erratic times throughout the week did worse in classes than those that maintained a consistent sleep schedule.

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In 2018, researchers at Baylor University underwent a similar study with interior design students. The results were consistent: The more irregular a student’s sleep schedule, the worse the performed throughout the week.

So if you’re not down for all that early rising-and-shining, listen to your body and set that alarm to something that’s manageable for you – and stick to it all week/month/year.

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