Are You Doing It Right? 3 Tips for Wearing Novelty Contacts Safely This Halloween

Are You Doing It Right? 3 Tips for Wearing Novelty Contacts Safely This Halloween

Certainly don’t share them and never run them under water, in case you’re wondering.

Are you excited about Halloween? Getting ready to wear funky cat eye contact lenses with your best costume?

There’s no question they’re fun. But experts are saying that people don’t always use them properly, leading to bunch of trouble down the line. How can you make your eyes stay safe and that you use novelty contact lenses correctly? Here are 3 tips.

1) Don’t Share Them

This seems to go without saying but you know someone out there is doing it. If your kid comes home with big blue eyes and they’re normally brown, ask them where they got them. Eye doctors on tell reports of people sharing novelty contacts and spreading around eye infections, which is definitely trouble for your eyes. 1 pair, 1 person.

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2) Use Them and Throw Them Out

When you find a pair you really like, it can be tempting to save them in their case for next year. Experts advise that you don’t, though. Old contact lenses don’t have the same properties as new ones and they have an expiry date for a reason. Keep your eye chemistry safe by buying a new pair each time you dress up in costume.

3) Store Them in Real Contact Solution Only

If you wear contacts regularly, you already know this. For those who don’t, though it could be news. Contacts need to be stored in contact lens solution to be properly cleaned and ready for use next time. If you store them or clean them with regular tap water, you’re setting yourself up for possible infection. Tap water- even the best- contains minute bacteria that’s OK to drink, but can harm your eyes.

Also, putting in contacts that have been kept in water can feel a bit like having your eyeballs bond with sandpaper: not a nice experience.

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