This Popular Habit Will be Banned in Places Across NY State, at the End of November

This Popular Habit Will be Banned in Places Across NY State, at the End of November

For many people, vaping is a way to move away from the habit of smoking cigarettes. If you’re doing it in New York State though, where you can puff without a problem will soon be restricted.

Earlier this month Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed a bill to ban vaping everywhere smoking cigarettes is prohibited across New York State, something which will go into effect in the latter half of November.

Is it a good move? Some might argue that restricting vaping will only encourage more cigarette smoking.

Others say the risks associated with the habit are too strong to ignore. E cigarettes can contain nicotine, and with vaping rates soaring among American youth, this can make for a dangerous combination.

Being exposed to nicotine has been found to negatively effect the brain development of teenagers according to Harvard’s Health Blog. It complicates prefrontal brain development, and leads to attention deficit disorder and poor impulse control.

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Nicotine can also raise a user’s heart rate and blood pressure and so as a highly addictive substance, it definitely draws attention to the bad face of e cigarettes.

Is the new rule going to change people’s lives? Yes and no. In truth, most people who vape are already doing so in the privacy of their own homes, or out on the sidewalk. Few have tried to puff away in public, indoors and so the new law might not have such a striking effect on life at street-level.

It could, however, label e cigarettes as a dangerously addictive product like cigarettes, which is a good thing, in the long run.

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