This New Treatment for Peanut Allergies Eliminates Symptoms for 4 Years

This New Treatment for Peanut Allergies Eliminates Symptoms for 4 Years

It doesn’t cure the problem for good, but this probiotic mixture sure works well, for a while.

Having a severe allergy to peanuts is so common these days that peanut butter and jam sandwiches aren’t allowed in some schools, and many of us think twice about eating the nuts in public.

The fact is , millions of Americans suffer from some type of food allergy. While a reaction to peanuts can be mild, it can also be life threatening.  And so the news that a new treatment has been developed will be welcomed by many.

Recently, reported that researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia have developed a probiotic with peanut protein that works to treat allergy sufferers.

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Children were given the probiotic to eat daily over 18 months, and great things happened. When they were tested one month after the completion of the testing period, 80% of the kids were able to eat peanuts without any allergic reaction, and this lasted for longer than 3 years.

At the 4-year mark, 70% of the kids who had a peanut allergy were still able to eat the nuts unharmed.

The development of this treatment marks the first time that something has been able to treat peanut allergies for such a long period of time. Whether the treatment would work again if administered a second time wasn’t explained by the scientists, and further studies are likely in order.

The number of food allergies worldwide is rising rapidly and has trebled in the last 20 years.

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