This Invention Can Seal A Gunshot Wound in 20 Seconds—and It’s Just Been FDA-Approved

This Invention Can Seal A Gunshot Wound in 20 Seconds—and It’s Just Been FDA-Approved

A recent report on is telling the story of an invention that makes reality seem stranger than fiction, once again.

Described as “a pocket-sized invention that has been used for about a year and a half on the battlefield, but now may one day save your life at home,” it’s called XStat, and it has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use by consumers.

So, if you are ever in danger of being shot, listen up. XStat could save your life.

xstatbeforeafterHere’s how it works: XStat is a syringe-like device that injects tiny, super-absorbent sponges into a gunshot wound or other gash. In just 20 seconds the sponges expand, creating pressure that can block bleeding and prevent life-threatening hemorrhage.

Tech Insider states that each applicator used in the device has enough sponges to absorb a pint of blood.

Up to three applicators can be used on a patient, but hopefully most wounds wouldn’t need that.

XStat has already been used for about a year and a half (since April 2014), on battlefields.

“When a product is developed for use in the battlefield, it is generally intended to work in a worst-case scenario where advanced care might not be immediately available,” William Maisel, director of the FDA’s Office of Device Evaluation is quoted as saying on tech insider. “It is exciting to see this technology transition to help civilian first responders control some severe, life-threatening bleeding while on the trauma scene.”

But is it really fast enough to save lives? Former US Army Special Operations medic John Steinbaugh told Popular Science says,

“By the time you even put a bandage over the wound, the bleeding has already stopped.”

In other words, yes.

Who brought the world this magic? An Oregon-based medical device company named RevMedx can be credited with inventing the priceless gadget and opening to doors to saving lives.

And it’s a good thing they did. According to the FDA, up to 40% of civilian deaths from severe trauma are caused by people bleeding to death.

Gunshot wounds are a sad reality for all kinds of people.  Statistics gathered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention spanning from 2007 to 2011 reveals that even many children are victims. During this time span, 14,258 children died as a result of gunshot wounds in the US.

That works out to be 7.81 deaths a day, or almost 8 children dying each day from a gun shot.

Oregon’s states that circumstances around these deaths range from accidental shootings by adults, kids who gain access to unsecured guns, gang violence, suicide and planned shootings like school shootings and other public incidents of gun violence.

So, XStat could work wonders to save these and other lives.

XStat sponges come pre-loaded with markers that show up on an X-ray, which allows them to be easily removed if one gets stuck in the body of a patient. Reliable and lasting, they are reported to be usable for up to four hours, giving victims enough time to get to a nearby hospital for help.









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