Got 5 Minutes? Then You’ve Got Time to Meditate

Got 5 Minutes? Then You’ve Got Time to Meditate

Everyone gets stressed at some point in their lives.

The job, relationships, financial struggles, or other personal issues, can all add to the stress pile, resulting in harmful health consequences. These can range from depression, to physical changes like inflammation in the body, which has been linked to common diseases like cancer and even digestive problems.

meditation-examples-exercises-reduce-stressBesides the actual stress, the prevalent problem with it is most people simply don’t have the time to decompress, or address the source. So, it piles up, creating – well, more stress. We think people call that a ‘vicious cycle’.

The best way to combat this, due to time constraints, is beating stress down fast.

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Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank shows how to squeeze a quick, tranquil mediation session into our hectic days, keeping us calm throughout the chaos. Find a small space in a quiet place, and begin inhaling and exhaling towards a more peaceful, less anxious you. Check out the quick instructional guide below!

As Cruikshank points out, it’s all about breathing. Focus on deep breathing, which helps you connect with your body’s natural ebb and flow. Because let’s face it, your body’s likely not in tune in terms of inhalation & exhalation while you’re slaving away at work.

When your breathing steadies, your mind and body will follow suit.

No micro-managing. No to-do lists. Just you—relaxed—for five minutes.

Enjoy your Zen time!

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